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Thank you for visiting my site. Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Steve Wheelock. I'm assuming, since you have found your way here, that you have some original ideas or works that will help you start or grow your business and you want to protect or license them. Maybe all you need is a contract, or have some trade secret or proprietary information that needs the protection afforded of a secrecy agreement. Whatever has brought you here, I can help you. In fact I would like nothing more. Solving problems for people is one of my passions.

It frustrates me to see businesses all around me overlooking the importance of intellectual property to the success of their business. Some of them accidentally use material belonging to someone else in an ad or on a website and suffer the indignity of having their advertising get abruptly pulled - or worse, they get sued. Many of them have a secret that differentiates them from their competition - a recipe, process, unique knowledge, etc. - that gets stolen by an unscupulous employee or competitor. Without contracts to hold these people accountable these businesses have no recourse. Then I see very creative people that produce incredible works of art, especially here in the Berkshires, and fail to copyright the artwork properly. This affects their ability to license the artwork and generate licensing or royalty income. Many people think that because obtaining a copyright is so easy (see my page on copyrights here) that they can handle licensing it themselves. They believe that cookie-cutter contracts that they get off free websites on the Internet can effectively protect them from being taken advantage of. Sometimes this is true. Often it is not. It's like buying clothing online without knowing whether it will fit or look good on you.

I genuinely want to help my community grow, and a short phone conversation is sometimes all it takes to find out whether or not you need a lawyer. I truly love the Berkshires. That is why I offer a free, no-strings-attached consultation of up to one hour to anyone seeking my advice. You may not need my services at all - but until you talk to someone qualified you won't truly know. Your ideas and intellectual property are too important to your business to leave to chance. Please, contact me now - either by phone or by email - and I will see what I can do to help you succeed and grow your business.